Social Ballroom and Latin Dancing with some Sequence
  • • This is a social dance and whilst it is open to anybody, realistically only those with dancing partners or groups come and therefor those without a partner are unlikely to get many/any dances.
  • • A range of abilities attend.
  • • Subdued Lighting - you can see where you are going and other people but don’t feel in the spot light.
  • • Not Crowded - you can concentrate on your steps, not avoiding other people.
  • • A nice large hall - there is over 200 square metres of danceable floor, in a hall of over 300 square meters.
  • • Not affiliated to any dance school - dance teachers, encourage your pupils to attend, to practice what you have taught them, in a friendly, un-crowded social environment.
School Rules
  • • No smoking on site, including in your car whilst on the premises
  • • Nothing to be put on the floors or shoes i.e. Talc, Linseed oil